Creating an Outdoor Decowood Deck for House 02 

We were able to make the outdoor area in House 02: Unearthed come to life with the help of Decowood, becoming one of the biggest focal points of the outdoor space.

DecoDeck is revolutionary, as it’s completely made from aluminium, but retains the form and feel of natural timber. This is made possible with their DecoWood finish from their Super Durable range that gives the classic wood grain look.

There were several things we had to think about before diving into the installation of the deck. We had to consider its proximity to the pool, how easy it would be to install, whether its design would fit in with the rest of the house, and its material and durability.

Luckily they made it easy for us to customise the deck according to these requirements. Its finish makes it chemical resistant so it can be installed near the pool, it’s so easy to install that there’s even a DIY option, we got to choose a beautiful curly birch colour to suit the home, and its durable aluminium form makes it built to last and low maintenance.

Choosing Quality Products That Last

While Queensland is known for its wonderful climate, it has its fair share of rough weather. This is why it was so important for us to install decking that not only looks great for the aesthetics of the home, but also stands up to the challenge of tough conditions.

DecoDeck achieves this durability with a marine-grade powder coating made specifically for coastal environments, a non-slip surface, and an overall strong build that doesn’t warp, rot, or splinter. Since the finish is baked onto the exterior part of the aluminium, it won’t rub off overtime, regardless of the amount of foot traffic.

Another excellent feature is its ability to conduct heat, which prevents burns on your feet when walking around in hot temperatures. On the Gold Coast, this is a pretty important aspect to consider.

We have confidence that DecoDeck will last for years to come, no matter what a busy family or rough QLD climate has to throw at it


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