Discover the Beauty of Organic Interior Design in Adore Magazine's Spring Edition!

Step Inside the Tranquil Ensuite by DNA of Design

Embrace the Beauty of Natural Organic Style

In the latest issue of Adore Magazine, a renowned publication that has been at the forefront of interior design and lifestyle inspiration for years, we are thrilled to showcase the serene and inspiring interior design work of our team.

Adore Magazine takes us on a journey into the world of bathroom styles, including our House 02's natural organic style.

The featured ensuite space is an oasis that invites you to slow down and savor the moment. It's a masterful blend of simplicity and sophistication, where every detail has been carefully curated to create a calming atmosphere.

The kitchen really set the tone for the rest of the renovation.

We loved all the space that stretched from the living room to the dining and kitchen, as it provided an airy, open feel.

A big window was added to bring in all the natural light the space needed,  as well as a stone wall to create texture – this ended up being one of the biggest hero pieces of the home.

The biggest challenge we faced for the laundry and butler’s pantry was the fact that there were no windows – but we managed to bring in plenty of brightness with strategic lighting. 

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A Closer Look at the Ensuite

Our vision was to create a soft, welcoming ambiance in a room dominated by hard surfaces. To achieve this, she opted for a restrained and muted palette, focusing on warm cream and white tones for the walls and floors. The choice of matte finishes on all surfaces adds to the room's tactile appeal.

Think: Coastal, Hamptons, A-frames, family home, texture, layers…

This was the vision for the lounge and dining area, and we brought it to life with a completely new roofline, gorgeous bright-white tones, and complementary furniture, art, and décor.

To match the vibes of this open and free-flowing space, we replaced a brick load-bearing wall with pillars for a feature wall with arches.
These curved shapes brought a beautiful flow to the entire area, with shelving to add an element of practicality. Click here to shop all our selections for Episode 2
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The handmade white tiles introduce a subtle natural look to the space, while the brushed brass tapware and the fluted timber vanity in warm oak provide texture and interest without overwhelming the room.

We couldn't be more excited about this stunning feature in Adore Magazine's Spring Edition! To delve deeper into this beautiful ensuite design and discover more inspiring interiors, click the link below and get your copy of Adore Magazine today:

Explore Adore Magazine's Spring Edition

With the newly opened-up lounge and dining space, we were able to achieve the classic indoor-outdoor living that perfectly matches the sunny Gold Coast lifestyle.

The 16-metre swimming pool already brought an indulgent feel, but we resurfaced it to make the area feel even more like a luxury resort – Hamptons style. Click here to shop all our selections for Episode 5 and get inspiration for your own space.

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