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Paint and colour have so much more impact on a space than we realise. Colour is a statement, it's a way to communicate and it is personal. For Andy and Deb, they knew the right colour choices were key to their renovation journey for House 1.

When Andy and Deb discovered Taubmans’ colour creation app, Coloursmith, they knew it was the perfect tool to bring their inspiration to life. This app allowed them to use existing surroundings and favourite items to create custom paint colours that complement the spaces perfectly.

Even the simplest accent colour or décor piece can spark the inspiration for a custom colour. In this project, a pale pink linen bed cover was the perfect muse for an exciting wall colour which brought cohesion to the entire space.

Every renovator knows the feeling of dealing with the ongoing search for that perfect colour – and Andy and Deb were no different. To their relief, they found those perfect colours easier than ever by using the Coloursmith app – simply capturing a photo of the colour they wanted to match, ordering a sample pot and testing it to ensure it matched in the space. Once they were happy the colour was easily tinted into the Taubmans paint used for the walls.

Coloursmith Creation

House 1, Bed 2

Starting with the first kid’s bedroom, Andy and Deb knew for Tom's bedroom space they needed to incorporate his love of shoes.

 The starting point was an artwork featuring a pair of sneakers, and they then worked their way across the room capturing similar neutral shades. They used cushions, floorboards and décor pieces to being the right shades together for the space. 

The Coloursmith app made finding the ideal share for the room easier than they thought. They loaded their photos into the app and matched colours, which gave Andy and Deb a range of shades drawing inspiration from the artwork and other room finishes to select from to complete the wall colour.

Coloursmith Creation

House 1, Bed 3

Next up was Mia’s bedroom, which also followed a similar neutral palette to Tom’s room. As well as these neutral tones, this bedroom used plenty of soft furnishings to keep everything relaxed, gentle and calm.

With several similar neutral shades to work from, Andy and Deb spent some time deciding which part of the room they would use as their source of inspiration. From the marble bedside table to the eye-catching abstract artwork, they were certainly spoilt for choice when it came to settling on the perfect colour.

After scanning the room a few times, they realised that picking a shade from the cushions on her bed was the best choice. The cushions had a delightful combination of warm pinks with beige undertones, and they used the Coloursmith app to select the perfect shade which made the process enjoyable and fast.

Coloursmith Creation

House 1, Bed 4

Finally, Andy and Deb reached Ava’s room. While Mia’s bedroom did include some pink undertones, Ava’s space explored even more warm pink and light orange shades throughout the linens and décor.

With slightly more vibrant hues present throughout the room, it was important that the wall would complement those colours. They wanted the wall colour to shine just as much as other pieces in the room, which meant finding that perfect balance.

That’s where the Coloursmith App came in handy once again, as Andy and Deb were able to select one particular shade of pink from photos of the room. After that, they could adjust these pink tones to create an ideal shade match for the rest of the room.


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